VIARCO Art Graf Graphite

VIARCO Art Graf Graphite

The origin of the pencil manufacture in Portugal dates back to 1907 when Conselheiro Figueiredo Faria decided, with his partner, the French Engineer Jules Cacheux, to build an industrial unit for the manufacture of pencils in Vila do Conde called “Faria, Cacheux & Cª” also known as Portugália.

Although Portugália was successful and a pioneer in the development and production of writing articles in the country, it is thought that its activity had been seriously affected by Portugal’s entry into World War I and mostly by the Great Depression of 1929/31.

The turning point was in 1931, when Manoel Vieira Araújo, an experienced industrial hatter and leading figure in S. João da Madeira, decides to diversify the activity fields of Vieira Araújo & Cª, Lda, and acquires the Portuguese Pencil Factory.

In 1936, the brand that would go along with generations of Portuguese until the present day – Viarco – is registered.

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