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Since 1971, we have been developing and selling selected art materials with a feel for innovations, trends and classics. Our product variety with approx. 5,000 articles convinces the European specialized trade and a constantly growing artist community by high quality, competitive pricing and a very fast delivery readiness.

In addition to the direct order service of the parent company, a flexible field service and various country representatives provide competent and reliable advice.

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The Spectra AD Marker is an alcohol-based marker, which comes in a color range of 215 brilliant and high quality colors. It speaks for itself and will make your illustrations come to life. The ink is made in Germany and Great Britain, is non-toxic, and AP certified by the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. The markers are dual ended with a brush and chisel nib. Both nibs can be replaced to ensure the longevity of the Spectra AD Marker. With the brush nib you can paint thin and intricate details while the chisel nib is great for thicker, sharp lines and larger areas of your drawing. Each marker has a color-coded, air tight cap with the color name and number for easy identification. Designed by Creative Mark, the barrel is ergonomic to make sure your hand does not get tired even after a day of drawing. The Spectra AD is produced to the highest quality to ensure the longevity of your markers. The markers also have a refillable barrel so you can refill it up to 10 times. This reduces waste and saves you money.



The Spectra AD Aqua Pro is the new generation of watercolor painting. The lightfast and highly pigmented markers are absolutely beautiful and suitable for on the go! They are perfect for spontaneously sketching or creating great works of art. Since no other materials such as water or brushes have to be carried around, it is great when you are traveling. The color flow is always the same no matter the pressure used. The Aqua Pro can be easily combined with traditional watercolor paints and other mediums for watercolor. The watercolor marker has a color palette of 48 colors that bring you in with their luminosity. They are also easy to paint with water and enable multi-layer paint application and mixing techniques. The Spectra AD Aqua Pro is equipped with two changeable tips. The flat brush tip is ideal for filling large areas. The brushwork can be used to draw very different line widths. With the soft, round brush tip, you can contour, outline, and make precise lines on paper. The Aqua Pro is also designed for durability and sustainability. Due to the high quality standards, we guarantee the best. This ensures an airtight closure of the caps, and prevent the nibs from drying out. The marker can also be refilled with the Aqua Pro Refill Bottle up to 10 times per bottle.